Tuesday, April 7, 2015

This week we also explored "area 12"

Today Sister Morco and I recived terrible news!!! Next transfer (next week) Star Heights is turning into a biking area! And just a few week earlier we had made a commitment to try and be healthier. We were just planning on eating a bunch of salads or something but *sigh* I guess God really does answer prayers and righeous commitment. The really funny part about it though was that right after we got the news we went out to our car to go somewhere and Count Your Many Blessings starting playing. At least we don't have to buy the bikes and who knows, maybe we'll get transfered, ha ha. 

Our mission president this past week has told us to become more knowledgeable about family history work so that we can teach it to other people. He wants us to meet with the family history consultant for an hour a day twice a week. So in the next little while I ought to be at least somewhat knowledgable about family history! No promises that I'll get super into it though, I'm still pretty sure that the Spirit of Elijah skipped over me during that whole returning the keys and turning the hearts thing. 

This week we also explored "area 12" and although we looked, we didn't see Katniss. Our area in order to help us figure out where people are is divided up into 12 different areas. And just like the hunger games, most people live in area 2 and almost no one lives in area 12. It's huge and the houses are miles apart. When we asked the ward secretary how we would know where the area ends he said "When you can't drive anymore." Apparently the "road" ( and by that I mean dirt path) just stops and there is a giant wall. We drove and drove but we didn't find it so eventually we gave up and turned around. The day that we were out in area 12 and really a lot of days here recently have been super windy! And when it gets windy here the dirt blows like crazy. So, I might be buying some kind of face mask in the near future. Just kidding, kind of... 

Our big focus this week was getting people ready to watch conference, or trying to at least. Since it was spring break we didn't have as much luck as we had hoped for but we did what we could! Conference was of course really good and this was the first year that I actually wrote down questions. For a few conferences I had thought of but not written down questions and of course before I had just watched but this year I actually wrote down about 10. One of the things that I really liked that was said Sunday afternoon was "How are you going to change because of what you have heard this weekend?" That is something that I need to figure out this week as I look at my questions and what I got out of the different sessions. It will I'm sure work it's way into one of my 500 goals and commitments. By the way, you set so many goals as a missionary it is crazy! People give you commitments for everything and you have to make weekly goals and commitments for all kinds of subjects. It's funny because in the adjusting to missionary life book is says something along the lines of "make sure to avoid setting too many goals at once" but just by the nature of going to meetings and doing your regular planning you have at least 10 going at a time. Sister Morco and I were saying that we should count up all of the goals that we have made so far to see how many you make thoroughout the course of your mission. Our prediction in all seriousness is 500. But what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Conference. My favorite session was the Saturday afternoon one, particularly the middle talks. I remember liking them all but the two I remember in particular right now are the ones were they talked about hearing the music and about a saint being a sinner who keeps on trying. 

Speaking of goals, Sister Morco and I gave a training at Zone Training on how to have effective weekly planning and a big thing that we talked about was making sure that your daily plans pointed back to your weekly goals and that sometimes, even if it's a good idea, if it doesn't point back to the goals, either the goal needs to change or you need to get rid of the plan. We also incorporated in some of the idea I learned from advertising and also from all of Dads goal setting tapes and stuff that I've heard so many of. So, I don't know if that makes us cool or lame, but that's how it went. 

Well, I hope that you all had an awesome Easter! Talk to you next monday


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