Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thou shal love the lord they God

Hello from Twin Peaks! I mean, Granite Falls! I mean, Rio Rancho! Rio Rancho is pretty close to Albuquerque; it's like going from Arlington to Granite Falls, both in distance and it... lifestyle. So it will be I think a different experience for sure. The members are good though, I like them. Our ward mission leader Brother Lockard reminds me a lot of Pops Racer. Just imagine if Pops was a member of the church and then a ward mission leader, ha ha. And it probably doesn't help that the first time we met he was wearing a red polo shirt. Ha, so he is awesome. Sadly though, my new companion Sister Morco doesn't know who that is. So one of you cool people should send me a picture so I can show her. You don't really get the full effect without the show but it's the best we can do! 

Speaking of which, my new companion is Sister Morco! She's originally from the Philippines but moved here with her family when she was about 10 so she has lived here for just over the majority of her life. She is awesome and it this crazy place it's good to have someone you get along with well! She was studying nutrition before her mission and is going to BYU next fall. Also she likes to eat "adventurous" food! Today for lunch we had Pho! Also, although this really isn't related, we named my GPS. Her name is Chrissy because she gets confused easily. But, I feel like it's not entirely fair to judge her for not knowing about the dirt roads or the roads that just... end for no explainable reason. By the way, one of the major roads we travel on here is called Rainbow Road. It's not very colorful though since it's pavement and dirt but of all the roads we drive on, I'll do my best to look out for obstacles (like banana and turtle shells and the like), I'd hate to fall off of it! 

The majority of this week has been spent getting to know the investigators and the members. We have a lot of investigators but none that are really progressing, so we have a lot of work and a good amount of sorting/ decision making to do in the next few weeks about them.

We've done a lot of service here as well. We worked in a Catholic food bank type place and helped two people move already.

So let's see..  Interesting things that happened this week. We talked to a guy who had signs displaying the 10 commandments all over his yard. He told us all about how true believers of Christ worship on Saturday because calendars aren't culturally based, God established a calendar while he was creating the earth, he also named the days of the week. I really wanted to ask him what he thought about Easter (by the way, if you don't know how/when Easter is determined look it up, it's crazy) but decided not to. We also went to visit a member to drop something off and heard someone in the back of the house yell "Don't open the door!!" They did but... the other person wasn't too happy about it. We met someone who reminds me of that military guy from twin peaks who had us hold hands and pray with him, so that was different, although not too weird I guess. 

We aren't supposed to drive here two days a week so we rode bikes one day, which was alright. I know that it seems very French and romantic to ride bikes in a skirt down a dirt road but let me tell you, it is not. There is just not a practical way to do it. But, one of the bikes got a flat tire so, I guess we'll just figure out what to do with that. We also taught a lesson to a family that is part investigator, part recent convert, part less active. Most of the recent converts in the ward are now do not contacts.. Not quite sure how that works. Also, we have a lot of families that are part active member part do not contact. Like 10 of them! 

Yesterday we went to a Bible study with a born again Christian family. We didn't have any hand holding this time but there was some swaying and lots of "Thank you Lord Jesus" " Yes, Lord, hear my prayers!" Maybe it's just because I'm not used to it, but that kind of stuff just makes me really uncomfortable. The mom who invited us to the meeting is... interesting... but the kids and their wives were all actually pretty normal/cool. If we can get them aside I can actually see them making good investigators. 

Let's see... today I also went to the chiropractor. There is one in the ward and we’re going to see if he could help us, our shoulders have been hurting recently. It was crazy sounding but... I basically feel the exact same so... we'll see? 

Well, that's about everything that I can think of right now. I have a feeling though that there will be a good deal of interesting things to tell you in the near future! I hope that you all are doing well! Let me see, this week in personal study I was trying to study power and authority but what I ended up learning instead is that from the time of Adam to the time of Noah's arc was almost 5,000 years! Also, the mountain where Moses saw the burning bush and the mountain where he received the 10 commandment are the same place! So that's crazy! Oh, I decided to read the entire standard works from cover to cover. So far I'm in Genesis so I've got a long way to go but it'll be good! By the way, have any of you read the intro to the King James Bible? It's a little strange. 

Well, talk to you all soon! Value your education! 



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