Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I have a Greek nose like a goddess

Happy Spring! Isn't it weird to think that it's spring already? Apparently for New Mexico, spring means high 70's and low 80's. I already sunburned my ears this week! But don't worry, I have sun screen so no need to disinherit me yet. This week an old Greek lady also told me that I have a Greek nose like a goddess so... I guess that's good? 

We did pretty well this week with lessons and even had one investigator come to church with her husband! Her name is Anastasia but it's pronounced kind of like pistachio. It’s Ana, pronounced like auna, and then the tachio part of pistachio  but with an a at the end so auna stachia. We had our first lesson with her last week and invited her to church and she said she would love to come and then did! So we have now..... (wait for it!!!)... 1 progressing investigator! Ha, but I am happy for anything. We also found a few new potentials this week so we'll have to see! And yes they all came on our no car day so grumble grumble I guess that it is good for something, ha even if it does decide to rain one of the days. 

This week we taught an FHE lesson to a family to show them how to do it. We decided to teach that object lesson about doing the important things in life first and how everything else fits in around with the jar and the stuff but we forgot to test it out first! So, all of the stuff fit in when you put the little stuff in first too but we were like "well... doesn't it fit better when we do it this way?" Thankfully the kids were too young to be sassy and agreed! We also sort of taught a pass off lesson this week. Man, all the cool people we find are ysa age. Anyway, so we were going to teach a pass off lesson but then figured we would just introduce her to the new Elders because they said they were bringing a member with them and we figured that 5 people teaching one person was a little much. When we got there though their member had canceled on them and she was there alone so we ended up having to stay so they could teach. It was kind of funny, we were like "ok, here are the Elders, we're be going now! Oh, wait.. I guess we're not going anywhere." 

This Friday after our meeting our zone went to Wendy's for lunch and an awesome lady paid for all of us! I was seriously really nice of her, especially since it was towards the end of the month and so people were pretty low on money. Sister Morco and I were talking about bucket lists earlier that day and although I don't really have a real one, if I did, I would put pay for zone to eat on there. This week we also accidentally had like a double recent convert lesson. We were having a recent convert lesson and brought a recent convert with us as our member, but as we were teaching he was like "oh wow, I'm glad we talked about this, I understand it better now!" And stuff like that, it was pretty funny.

Sunday night the assistants called us and asked Sister Morco to play a musical number at zone conference so we spent a little time practicing for that. She said that I had to sing for it and I ended up roping one more sister in as well. We sang I Know That My Redeemer Lives to the tune of Sweet Hour of Prayer, Before Thee Lord, and A Poor Wayfairing Man of Grief. You have to get creative when you can only sing hymns you know! The titles, tunes, and measures section in the hymn book is a pretty cool little section that I've recently discovered though. 

Zone Conference was great! We talked a lot about using The Book of Mormon to answer questions, recognizing the spirit and encouraging members to become more missionary minded and working with their friends. We talked about being encouraging and supportive and helping them to recognize the work they are already doing and how it can become even better. The Albuquerque Stake President who was in my last ward was giving the training on that part and he said "Sister Baker and Sister Stokes can to my house about a month ago..." and went into the experience he had when we asked his family for referrals so that was a little awkward. Ha, let's all learn from what I did! It was kind of funny, the zones that were at the conference were Rio Rancho, Albuquerque West (my old one), and Santa Fe, so I knew like 2/3 of the people there. 

Well, aside from getting rained on I didn't do too much else exciting, sorry! I'll try to keep better notes next week! Until then stay awesome! 



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