Sunday, February 8, 2015

We got two new investigators this week, yay!!!!

Every week I feel like a million things have happened, but whenever I come to write to you about them I forget! So, let's see... 
We got two new investigators this week, yay!!!! One is Sister Ritter, her husband is less active but is interested in coming back and his wife is interested in learning more. The lesson we have with her went really well. I have a feeling she (or they? not sure) may have a hard time stopping smoking, but the stop smoking program worked really well with Aurora and you know, with God all things are possible and all that so I have confidence but I know it will be a struggle for sure.

Speaking of Aurora, we saw here last night a set a new date for Miguel. She wants some more time but recognized that he is ready and really wants to be baptized so she is willing to let him be. Honestly, that kid is the coolest kid ever. He is going to be like a spiritual giant someday. I don't remember if I told you or not but he actually came up to the missionaries and was like "what are you doing? I want to you teach me and my mom." He reminds me of one of the awesome young people from scriptures. Mormon was what, 10 when he was called as a prophet and Joseph Smith was only 14 when he had the first vision. Sometimes I think that we discredit our youth because they don't have all of the world experience that we do. But, God's wisdom isn't the wisdom of the world is it? ha ha
Oh, something else funny that happened this week, I got to give a talk in a meeting with President Miller. Every week at district meeting someone gives a 5 minute talk on some topic that the District Leader assigns. Anyway, this week I was asked to speak on my purpose as a missionary as if talking to a nonmember. And apparently President Miller randomly decided to come to our district meeting. So, that was weird but don't worry, it went relatively fine. My companion got to do a role play where she had to teach him about the law of chastity so you know, could have been worse! 
This week we have had a lot of random things come up so we have been doing a lot of those. We had to go to the doctor for a while for Sister Stokes, we had interviews with President Miller and all kinds of fun stuff like that. Also, the people that we have met with have been super chatty!
A few days ago we met with a less active member who told us that she was moving to soon assuming she passed the bar exam in the other state ( I want to say Tennessee). Well, I made the mistake of asking her what kind of law she practiced. The short answer is criminal law as a prosecuting attorney. But, and I am totally serious, that one question lead into three very depressing hours of explanation as to what she did and what she had seen and experienced. 
Oh also, totally random but if you are ever in Albuquerque on a Saturday night, apparently all the LDS people hang out at Dion’s. We went there and there was like 10 different families. By the way, Dion’s is good but not as amazing as people say. Kind of like the pizza version of Sonic. Also this week we had dinner with a family and the husband dubbed the Rhodes rolls "Conference rolls". He thought it was super funny when I told him I'd been calling them that for forever and that we call that juice from the cannery "Mormon drink/juice". Oh, last Sunday we were also trapped inside. You know how missionaries aren't allowed to be out and about during big holiday things like Marti Gras and whatnot? Well, we weren’t allowed to be out and about from 4:30 to the rest of the night because of the super bowl. How weird is that? 

Hmmm well, what sort of spiritual thought can I leave you with for today? How about this, read and ponder on these. 2 Timothy 3: 14-17, 1 Timothy 4: 12-16 and Elder Holland's talk "The First Great Commandment" and let me know what you think!

Love you all,


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