Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Some Random Stuff is going on

Hello, I hope that everything went well with the service and everything. People down here have been getting really sick as well, they are saying it is like epidemic proportions almost. (How much makes something an epidemic, I don't know, but that is what "they" are saying) so be sure to be careful, I
hope that everything is going alright. Ha it's funny that you mention there not being any grass because the first few days I was here I was getting annoyed at people just stomping through people's grass until I remembered that.... there isn't any. Cool people though have fake grass, like super fake, like a putt putt golf course. I think it looks dumb but, whatever.... oh I still haven't gotten that letter that you sent me but I'll keep looking!
So let's see this week... what happened... well, we have three people on date for the 31st so that is awesome! One of them is working on stopping smoking but I think she can do it in time! We should hopefully have at least one, but maybe two or three more in February so that is awesome! The six investigators that we are working with are doing awesome! Now I guess we have to start working on finding more. We have some good referrals to start with though so here is hoping that all goes well because I hate contacting! It's so awkward and yeah... plus referrals are awesome!
Oh, crazy fact. Someone we met last week died.... A less active member that we had met with once. We had a return appointment but she turned us away because she wasn't feeling well on Tuesday. Then apparently Friday her neighbor smelled funky gas smells from her house and called the police. There was a gas leak and she and her cat and dog were dead. They don't know if it was an accident or a suicide but we could have been the last people to see her alive. It's weird...
Also, someone this week told me that I have an "interesting aura" and that she felt like I would have a lot of strange and surprising things happen to me while I was in New Mexico. And then she gave me some peanut butter fudge so, I don't know what that means but hopefully I didn't get some weird curse on me or something! =P Now I have that King Ramses song from Courage the Cowardly Dog Stuck in my head.
Oh, by the way, it was totally snowing here this morning! And that is like a New Mexico miracle. Sister Stokes was pretty excited "It's like a little taste of Utah." It's pretty much already gone though so no worries!
So let's see, cool things that happened this week. Daniel, Rebecca's husband started reading The Book of Mormon like nobody's business. We had our first lesson with him on Wednesday and he said he was planning to start reading it the next day. As of last night he's on 4th Nephi! He texts us periodically some of his favorite chapters and so far they have all been doctrine chapters! Stuff like Alma 32 or 2 Nephi 31 so that has been super awesome! All of the baptism dates that we were able to set this week went pretty cool as well. With Aurora and her son Miguel we asked her what date she wanted. We felt like the 31st was the right date for her but when we asked her she suggested the 28th of February. We asked Miguel what he thought of that and he was like "No! I don't want to be baptized then!" (He's 1o by the way) and we were like "Ok... why?"  and he told us that he knew that it had to be in January and that it should be the 31st. We hadn't told them that was the day we were thinking of yet for them so that was pretty cool. Aurora said she thought Miguel was right and that day was better so there you go. Awesomeness. With Donna, she had a lot of hesitancy because she has a lot of friends in the church that she attends now and she's worried that they won't be friends with her if she leaves and she had a lot of trouble figuring out what she wanted to do for herself. Someone like forever ago told me that when you can't make a decision you flip a coin, not because the coin tells you what to do, but because when it's in the air you know what you want the choice to be. So, we talked to her about that and said she wanted to try it. I know it sounds crazy, flip a coin to see if you get baptized but remember that it's not about the coin it's about what you want. So we flipped a coin and I caught it and asked her what she wanted it to be (heads was baptism and tails was not) and she said "well, I guess that I want it to be heads!" (it's funny it actually was tails but again, that's not the point). We promised her that real friends wouldn't leave her just for going to another church and she plans on starting to tell them today!
Oh this week I also got a letter from Autumn that she sent me while I was in the MTC. Yeah... getting mail here is like pony express speed, so sorry if I take forever to get back to you! I promise it'll probably get to me eventually. OH, one other random thing, we have a wedding dress in the closet of our apartment. I don't know why but, we do...
Well, that's about it. Sorry no crazy stories for you this week. I still have a little time though so... here, I'll tell you about what I studied this morning. Among other things, D&C 121: 34-46. I have written next to it, Parenting, leadership positions, callings from God. The verses talk about the priesthood and what needs to be done to be a worthy priesthood holder but it applies to much more than that. It applies to all positions where we have authority over someone or something. Elder Oaks recently gave a talk about how we aren't used to calling the power that women work under the priesthood but what else could it be? Whenever we exercise God's power in any sense, but it in callings or whatever, it is priesthood power. And in order to us and obtain that, we have to be living worthy. And, what greater calling from God is there than to be a parent? And God, as our Father and perfect example, shows us the way to be a good parent if we listen and look at the way he handles and lovingly but firmly teaches us.
Well, hope everything is going well and everyone keeps on keeping on! I still haven't heard from Brandi though so I just have to assume that she still doesn't love me. =D
Have a good week!


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