Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas From New Mexico

So, you remember how I said last week that I hadn't really met any interesting people? Well I found them all this week! Or a few of them at least. Last week we almost died when a lady who was taking us to lunch decided to get off at an exit and then actually not get off and then get back on the freeway while she was talking to her son's principal about what to do because he was apparently pantsing kids at recess. We went on exchanges this week in Rio Rancho and all of our appointments fell through so we spent all day talking to strangers and met an odd old couple but actually not anyone too weird, just rude. We also had one lady hang up on us. The conversation went like this "hello" "Hi Sister Martinez, this is the sister missionaries!" "hi, how are you?" "We're good, we were wondering if we could come by some time this week and..." ha, ha, ha, apparently it wasn't a good week for her.
The highlight though of the strange people that we met this week was a less active man. If Robin Williams had a child with Steve Carell to dressed like Woody Allen and grew up to become a used car sales man it would be this guy. He is seriously the most manic person I have ever seen and was pretty close to bouncing off the walls when we were there. He's one of those super well off people who gets bored of something and then moves on to a new job just for something to do so he was a butler, a salesman of just about every kind, a professional chef, a druggie and just about everything else you can image. He's also not shy about anything and spoke in far too much detail about how when people question his sexuality he tells them that he's buysexual and no, that is not a typo, interpret as you will.... But he was really nice, he gave us some fudge and then he and his dog came to church the next day. 
Speaking of candy, I love you all and really appreciate it all but please do not send me anymore! Every person that we go to talk to gives us some kind of junk food. I'll attach a picture for you of our kitchen counter and hot chocolate draw and that's only the communal candy, that's not even including the stuff that we have individually. It's escalated I know because we have three of us and it's Christmas time but still it's madness! The other day when we were at the Kimsley's we had hot chocolate made with cream instead of milk or water and then with home made marshmallows. It was good but sooooo rich and we had just come from dinner!
One of the days this week when we went caroling Sister Johnson's dad who is 98 came with us! Seriously he is like the beastliest old man ever. And then when we got back to the house he gave us some life council and he was like "if you have a minute open your scriptures to Mark" and then he taught us about how Christ got up early in the morning after he had worked hard to meditate and pray. He's pretty much like the coolest guy ever. I felt like one of those people who talk about how the scriptures were expoounded unto them.
We've been spending a lot of time this week at the nursing home in the area. A member there is really sick and about to die soon (she's 90) and we've been visiting with her family and friends. By the way parents, if at all possible I will never put you in a nursing home just for the sake that I would probably never visit you. Those places just kind of creep me out and I don't like being in them. It's got me thinking a little bit about death though and how I'd prefer to die. I mean I can't speak from any kind of personal experience but it kind of seems like getting old and dying is sort of the worst. I think that Alma had the right idea. One day he went for a walk and never came back. I mean was he translated? Maybe, who knows?
We had Zone conference this week as well and I got the chance to see Elder Campbell and Sister Beo who were in my district at the the MTC, so that was cool. I also got there along with the Christmas package from you all a Christmas card from the Tills and one from the Primary so if you could tell them all thank you that would be awesome! My companions also said that my cousins were super cute. I think that have to say that but... it's true anyway. Anyway, we set up the Christmas tree and lights next to the fireplace and Sister Walker in our ward, who's actually one of the seamstresses for the Hill Cumorah pagent made us each a stocking which was super nice so we hung those up. And it looks darn festive in our apartment now! (by the way mom, if you see Halden again soon be sure to tell him that I am keeping things nice and festive!)
We didn't get a whole lot of lessons in this week because everyone is doing stuff for Christmas but the ones that we did have were pretty good. Let's see, other random things that happened. Yesterday when we were at a stop light I saw a tumble weed blow across the road just like in a movie. For some of our service this week we spent two hours wrapping Christmas presents for an elderly member. Oh and this week I hit my one month out mark, how weird is that?
Well, I hope everything is going well and everyone is awesome! Have a fantastic Christmas! 

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