Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day Twelve

I'm happy today to have crazy dreams. Sometimes I can trace where they come from and sometime I can't but they're always entertaining and memorable. Today I had a dream that I was at a thrift show somewhere in Provo. After a little while I got tired and decided to fall asleep at a table outside. Because that makes sense right? After a while I woke up and David Henry and Megan  Hundley were painted blue with a bunch of other people and doing some kind of weird dance. I was then approached by Tyler Moore who was for some reason wearing heart shaped sunglasses. Not like two heart shapes over his eyes but just one giant heart covering his face. Why I have no idea. He told me he was glad that he had run into me here because he had a letter for me from his friend Matt Ratelle who was for some reason serving a second mission in North Korea. His letter was typed out with pictures of everything that he was talking about. It was pretty standard missionary stuff, taught this person, ate this food, and so on until the end. Apparently Josh Palsky was also serving a second mission in North Korea and had met up with Matt at some conference or something and had told him all about his plans to sneak his fiance into North Korea so that she could work towards fulfilling her life long ambition of teaching underprivileged children the joys of music. And then the letter was over and I woke up. It was really weird.

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