Monday, September 2, 2013

Third Time's The Charm!

So, it has begun, the start of the semester in a new apartment and a new ward. Which means meeting a bunch of new people, all of whom ask you after “where are you from?” and “what are you studying?”, “what do you like to do?”.  And I always blank out and end up saying something dumb like. “Umm… I like movies.” To which they always respond “Oh, wow! How interesting and unusual!” Actually no, they never say that. So I decided to come up with 100 not so generic things that I actually enjoy. And in case you were wondering, here it is.

 1) blustery days                                    
2) ballroom dancing
3) reading a good book
4)  watching dumb movies
 and assigning characters/ making new plots
5) music
6) singing
7) ice cream
8) falling asleep in the sun
9) being witty and hearing good wit
10) finding the perfect gift for someone
11) not having to wake up to an alarm
12) creating things
13) photography
14) getting mail
15) all things peppermint
16) exploring
17) trying new things
18) appreciating nature
19) pretty much all water activities
20) light warm wind and sunshine (best weather)
21) the sound of rain, especially at night
22) the sound of trains at night
23) quality time (love language!)
24) walks without time constraints
25) guys in well-tailored suits, especially 3 piece ones
26) guys that can pull of glasses
27) making up stories
28) cooking
29) contests/competitions
30) winning said contests
31) writing
32) lame jokes, especially if they are smart and puny
33) driving on the highway
34) musicals
35) country music (to a point)
36) Good surprises (I love surprises!)
37) comfortable silences
38) playing cards
39) wrestling for fun (Ju jitsu was awesome)
40) lakes and lake houses
41) writing with a pen
42) ghost stories
43) fires
44) camping
45) rock climbing
46) being persuasive
47) circular logic
48) psychology
49) profiling
50) pondering answers to the question “what if?”
51) The church, the knowledge and comfort that it brings and all that good stuff
52) A productive day
53) Picking berries
54) Going barefoot
55) Kids
56) Shade trees
57) Spontaneous activity
58) Teaching
59) Random acts of kindness
60) Blue eyes
61) When guys can pull off stubble
62) Curly hair
63) Fruit
64) Seafood
65) Pasta
66) Popcorn ceilings
67) Softball
68) Making lists (obviously)
69) Going to the library, especially on Sundays
70) Basketball
71) Violins (the best instrument!)
72) Fresh sheets
73) Breaking glass intentionally
74) Chemistry
75) Going to the grocery store
76)Metaphors/similes/analogies/parables/symbolism, etc.
77) Studying religions (all kinds)
78) The colors blue, green, and orange
79) Wall ball
80) 4 square
81) Summer nights out
82) Winter nights in
83) Fall and winter afternoons
84) Walking in the season’s first snowfall
85) Skipping rocks
86) Crocheting
87) Scrapbooking
88) Driving at night
89) Sandwiches
90) Interior design
91) Food network
92) Japanese culture
93) Japanese food
94) Short stories
95) Green river pop
96) Jones soda
97) Guitar
98) Good ads
99) Theater
100) History 

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