Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Working Stiff

Yesterday was my first day of working at the bakery, which is why I didn't get a change to write, but I can use it for my topic today. My grandma and my mom would always try to tell me to "just be thankful that you can work". Well, I'm not to that point of gratitude yet, but I'm further along.

I am grateful that I was able to get a job. I realize that it's not that great of one and that I'm being payed less to do more work than my last job, but it's something and it means that I'll have some income to work with. I think the biggest thing that I'm thankful for with both this job and the one I had over the summer is that I don't particularly like either. I know that sounds weird, so let me explain. My job working at the pool over the summer mostly consisted of sitting watching kids. I wasn't really doing anything and even though I  guess I was helping to keep kids safe I felt like I was being unproductive with my days. It taught me that I need a job that I can be actively engaged in and that I won't be happy somewhere where I can just sit around and rake in the the dough. If I'm going to do work I want to do something, see proof of my efforts and hopefully make some kind of a difference.

This job I'm defiantly more active, but at the same time I realized that this is pretty mundane work and that I have the potential to do a lot more. It reminds me what it is that I'm working in school for. So that I won't have to have a low income, get yourself through college job, but also that I won't be satisfied just being payed for nothing. I want to make a difference doing something that I enjoy.

So I'm thankful for the money that I'm making, but most of all for the lessons that I'm learning. That this is why I'm doing my best in school, so that someday I'll be making a real difference doing something that I truly care about.

All of that aside, the job itself is ok, and kind of a work out too. Four to five hours of pushing and pulling and lifting inside of a bakery, which is essentially a sauna, can get you working up a sweat. Also, I'm probably set for all of the half stale or misformed baked goods I could ever want.

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