Thursday, October 25, 2012

Here Comes The Cold

I don't understand the weather here works. We went from nice fall cool crisp weather to freezing cold and snow. It was hailing on my way to school this morning at 7:45 and it was snowing this evening on my way home at around 8:00. It's still to wet to stick but still, what the hey! It isn't even November yet! November 1st it can snow to high heaven but until then I expect it to be fall like weather. I guess that it wouldn't be that weird if there had been some kind of transition but no, it's just one day fall and the next day winter and it was like that last year too. I just don't understand how that works. I hope this upcoming winter and winter like weather (since there's still like two months until winter actually starts) is like last year where although it was cold there really wasn't any snow. I've found that when it isn't everywhere I really like and am excited for it to snow, but after about a week I get sick of it. So it really is a fine balance  If there isn't any snow than I feel cheated but if there's too much or it's around for too long than I just get annoyed and hate it. I guess what we learn from this is that I'm an incredibly picky person and just want things the way I want them.

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