Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Short Day in the Emerald City

Guys, I'm sorry, I fail as a blogger. My last entry was a week ago and that was only a cryptic reference to a t.v. show few people have seen. So, here goes a real entry.

The title of this entry come from the fact that I almost literally had one short day in the Emerald City, except that it was two days and it was in Marysville/Everett/Mill Creek rather than Seattle, but close enough. Last Thursday my grandmother passed away (hence the FMA reference) and so on Saturday my cousin, his wife, their one year old daughter, my other cousin, his wife, and I all piled into a little Ford Taurus and made the 17 hour trip back home for the funeral. We got there a little after 7:00 in the morning and being quite tired I went to bed. I spent Sunday visiting with my relatives and doing a little homework. Monday was the service, which I thought was well done. Afterwards, I spent a little more time with my relations before going home and spending the evening with my immediate family. Tuesday morning all of my cousins and I piled back into the car and started back to Utah. The trip back wasn't too bad, we stopped for ice cream to celebrate my birthday ( oh yeah, I'm like and adult or whatever now) and poor Allison (my one year old 1st cousin once removed aka the daughter of my cousin) experienced her first bloody lip and first time throwing up. Aside from that though it was a mostly uneventful adventure. We got back in Provo around 2:00 am on Wednesday but unfortunately I had a genealogy project that was due the next morning that I had been unable to finish so I stayed up working on it. I crawled into bed at 7:00 in the morning to sleep and dragged myself out at 9:00 to turn in my project and to attempt to attend my classes. That evening I went with Autumn and Hannah to the Mr. BYU show, which was pretty good. All of the contestants were pretty talented. Autumn had also made me a banana cream pie for my birthday which we devoured while talking about Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, it's darn cold here now! Not like unbearable but defiantly chilly. I knew that it would get cold but the weird thing is that it happened pretty much overnight. This morning I woke up and there was snow on the mountains. Now I realized that in most places, particularly at home you'd be all like "who care, the mountains always have snow" but these mountains are super close, like literally within walking distance and yesterday they didn't have snow on them. I'm not sure you guys are gathering how big of a deal it is that it magically became cold, so let me better explain by showing you the weather report in the paper yesterday.

Look at this! So Tuesday, 73, ehh that's a little colder than normal but whatever. Wednesday, 61, well... it is the fall and it is raining. Thursday, 49? What? It went from 73 degrees to 49 degrees in two days! Like I said, shorts and t-shirts to jackets and jeans overnight. It's kind of funny though, seeing how bundled up people are you can kind of tell where they're from. People from Utah and other similar places are wearing jackets and maybe a scarf or so but people from Texas and whatnot are shivering in a full winter coat and gloves.

I've done a few other interesting thing since I last properly updated (which was what like a month ago?) but I feel like they'd take a long time to write about so I won't. Maybe later. I'll try to be better about the whole writing regularly thing. Hopefully it'll happen.  



  1. Do you realize that you also went from 0 inches of precipitation to 17??

  2. Oh, wait, that's all of 2011.....Never mind!!