Monday, October 17, 2011

Mitosis is....

Alright, it's Monday, so here I go.

Thursday the 6th was that day of 40 degree weather here and so of course it was the same day that I was outside late at night for a few hours at a soccer game. The game was pretty good but so cold! I guess that day was just some weird fluke though or something because right after it it warmed back up to the 60's and it's been pretty consistent ever since. I wasn't able to get any pictures of the mountains covered in snow before it all melted, but now they're turning orange and red from all the trees and it looks pretty cool, so I'll see if I can get a few photos of those.

Friday I went to class like regular and for some reason I remember staying on campus for a long time, but now I don't remember why. That evening Joseph and I went to go see the Divine Comedy show. The whole show was fantastic and it was really fun to be able to see one in person. I was a little bit surprised about how many people were there. I'm pretty sure every seat in the auditorium was full. After the show we went to the casual homecoming dance which was pretty much just like an epicenter dance with older people. I guess there were like 3 or 4 homecoming dances here that week though. Two on Friday and two on Saturday, one formal and one casual. It was fun though.

Saturday my American Heritage group and I went to an apple orchard to do community service. In our class we have to do so many hours on a community service project and then do a report on it in class. What our group chose to do was to work with a program where we to serve with at risk youth and those who have to do government mandated community service in order to I guess show them that it doesn't have to be lame. So we just go and do whatever service they are doing with them and I guess on Saturday they were picking apples. This is the first thing we've done so far with them so I don't know how it'll go, but I've got a bunch of apples now. Later that afternoon I did some homework and then went to the store and then that evening I went to the football game. We were playing against San Hose but I actually only heard one or two "Do you know the way to San Hose" jokes. The game didn't start until 8:15 so it got out at about 11:30. Afterwords I watched probably the cheeziest movie clip I've ever seen from I think "Troll's II" and then went home.

Sunday was pretty typical, I went to church for the better part of my morning and afternoon. That evening, after I had done a little homework, Aaron, Autumn, Autumn's cousin, her friend, and I had breakfast for dinner since Autumn had gone home for the weekend and had come back with a bushel of potatoes. She seemed to not care that since she was in fact raised by potato's this was practically cannibalism. Maybe it was because they were Idaho potatoes and not Irish ones. We made hashbrowns, eggs, toast, homeny, and orange juice.

Monday after class I walked downtown to register to vote. The trip was pretty inconsequential but downtown Provo is about a 40 minute walk away from where I live so it took a little while. I did however get to share the elevator ride up to the registration office with a couple clearly going to get their marriage license. On the way downtown I saw the restorations they're making to the tabernacle/new Provo temple, and historical downtown Provo, which is actually pretty cool since it's really old. When I got home, my roommate's friend who went by Spud, and also happened to be stopping through Utah was over. He was interesting, we discussed classic literature for a while. That evening I did homework and watched The RM.  

Tuesday was boring, nothing happened but studying and class.

Wednesday Spud came over again and he and my roommate sat in the dark and talked about I think rape. I don't know, I wasn't particularly paying attention, but it was a little eerie. I studied my brains out for my astronomy mid term and then went with Autumn to see the edited version of Schindler's List. Schindler's List was kind of long (about 3 hours) but it was really good and really sad, especially the end. After the movie was over, Autumn and I made milkshakes and watched Beauty and the Beast, in order to crawl out of the pit of depression and despair Schindler's List had subjected us into. That night my roommate's not boyfriend also came up from Texas to spend the weekend here.

Thursday I studied astronomy, took my  midterm, and went to class. Not Boyfriend was hanging around, so I went to Autumn's who was all too excited to serve me the fried chicken she had just made from scratch. It was pretty awesome. Late that night I suddenly remembered that I still  had to do an astronomy project that was due the next day where I had to recreate the surface of the Earth with flour and test how the height and size of an asteroid influenced it's crater size. An hour later I was done but my entire kitchen, and myself looked like we'd imported half of the north pole. After it was finally cleaned up, I went to bed at about 2:00.  

Friday was our first day of live training in Ju Jitsu. I was a little apprehensive about it but aside from mildly intense busing, it was pretty awesometastic. After class Autumn and I decided to use the coupons for a free cupcake that we had got at the rooftop concert over the summer. The cupcake place ended up being 32 blocks away and to get there we had to walk through, college Provo, historical Provo, ghetto Provo, and industrial Provo to get there but it was totally worth the hour long trip. That was possibly the greatest cupcake I've ever had. On the way back, we took a bunch of pictures all over the city including being on the wrong side of the tracks and under a bridge. Hannah joined us and we were going to go to go the the Oktoberfest that was going on but you had to pay to get in and the last thing I payed for something at Brigham Square to get into ended being the incredibly lame rip off of a fair so we decided not to go. Hannah was starving and a little bit delirious so we went to Denny's. While we were at the Wilk, trying to decide if we wanted to go to Oktoberfest, we saw a stack of free bridal guides. Intrigued, we took one to look at it. After flipping through all the pictures, we left it at Denny's for someone who I'm sure is going to need it. It is Provo after all. We went back to Autumn's apartment where we watched the new episode of The Office. After that we built a fort out of blankets, pillows, and stuff and then watched The Others.

Saturday morning Josh came down from USU and he, Joseph, Jessie, and I went to the Mexican Mormon Museum, In N Out, and then back to Jessie's place where we played killer Uno. While we were there we briefly skyped with Spencer and Christine. After a while, the 4 of us plus Jessie's roommate, who was from Puyallup, went to Costco where we wandered around and bought a few things. We headed back to Jessie's where we waited for Ashlynn and the twin sister of Jessie's roommate. Then the 7  of us, all from pretty much the same area, went to Pizza Factory where we had the most intense bread sticks ever! Oh, and pizza too. Upon returning again to Jessie's we discovered that her roommate was having some kind of party, so the twins, Joseph and I went to the common area to play phase 10 and Jessie and Josh went to go plank around campus while Ashlynn has another engagement to attend to. After Josh and Jessie were done planking, they came and played phase 10 with us until we all went home.    

Sunday I went to church and then pretty much cleaned all day. We have our cleaning check tonight, and they're kind of intense so, that was my day. That and a little homework.

Today I went to class, bummed around for a little while, went to FHE where we played Mad Gab and ate crepes, did some homework, and finished up the cleaning for my check which is in about half an hour. Oh speaking of homework, I have the most frusterating group project ever but I'll tell you all about it later since this entry is already really long.

Let met explain the title though. When I was younger, I think early middle school or maybe even elementary school, I don't know, but sometime in my early youth I used to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In the seasons where she was in high school there was this ongoing joke that no one ever payed attention in the biology class and the teacher just wanted to teach them what mitosis was. They would always have tests with the question Mitosis is... and no one (or at least not Sabrina and her associates) could ever answer the question. Today in biology we talked about mitosis, so it reminded me of that. Actually, now that I think about it, that may have only been like one or two episodes but for some reason it stuck out in my mind oh well now you know!

Also, for some other totally unrelated reason, talking about Sabrina the Teenage Witch made me want to watch The Adventures of Pete and Pete. That show was weird.

And on another unrelated note, I just remembered that a new restaurant is opening here called the Steak Center. They serve steak, (obviously) and then all of the other types of food that you would get if you were eating a meal at a Stake Center like green bean casserole, green jello, funeral potatoes, and stuff like that. Also, instead of sitting in booths or on chairs you sit on church pews. This sounds to me like the greatest idea ever, almost as good as that place where the main character works in the RM and I'm definitely going to go there some time if I get the chance.  

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