Sunday, August 14, 2011

I have returned

So, back in Washington.

It took 26 hours on a bus to get me here and along the way I met some interesting characters. A potentially homeless man who told me in detail about the stalker he had who he was sure was trying to steal all the drugs he was toting. Upon later reflection though he decided that the stalker was actually gay and was trying to seduce him. A moderately blind 30ish year old man by the name of Angel who was headed from San Diago to some place in Montana to visit his parents. A 18 year old kid named James who was going to home to Spokane from Reno after having attended his mom's wedding. He told me in great detail about the story of his family and his dog and how his father left his mother. He was actually a pretty cool kid though. I saw a bad cross dresser, and by bad I mean he was clearly a man that was about 50ish but he was wearing a pink sequence shirt, a woman's jean jacket, girl's pants, and had long layered hair in a pony tail. There was also an old guy who got kicked off the bus because he refused to surrender his knife, and apparently our bus driver was accused of assaulting someone but I'm not exactly sure what went down there since I was asleep. So... this experience has cause me to conclude that riding the bus is much like being trapped in a bar without the alcohol or the karaoke. Or the food for that matter. So nothing to eat and drink and no singing, but everyone feels the need to tell you their life story.  

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