Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Live Here Now!

Hello you all. Tomorrow I shall write you again and fill you in on all of my Utahian adventures thus far but right now, since I have to go to sleep soon I'll just give you a virtual tour of where I'm living.
Don't be fooled by the title, I do not live in a dumpster.

Here's the street where I live 
and here is my building 

when you first walk in there is a "living room". The door in this photo is the entrance/exit 
Next to the "living room" is the "dining room" 
and across from the "dining room" is the kitchen. 

across from the "living room" is a hallway 

The first door on the left is a closet 

The second door on the left is the bathroom 
The third door on the left is my room mate Elizabeth's  room. I actually don't know what it looks like in there. She's kind of shy and stays in there a lot. 
The door straight down the hallway is another closet
And the door to the left is the room I share with Autumn. Look, there she is! 
This is my half 
Here's my bed. It's the top one. 
The front of the room.Oh look, you can see Kiba. 
Fiver, in his new home on my windowsill
Here's my closet 
And the rest of it. It's a walk in. 
And the wonderful view of the ground from my window 

Provo is like right at the base of the mountains so they are everywhere! I tried to take some pictures of them but it was kind of cloudy today. Here are a few, I'll try and take some better ones later. 

I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of where I am now living, I'll be sure to take some more pictures later and update you with a bunch of words tomorrow. 


  1. That view of the mountains is really pretty. :)

    What sort of plant is Fiver again?

  2. Bunny Tails, which is why his name is Fiver.

  3. I thought it had something to do with rabbits. Your apartment looks nice. So does the scenery. :)

  4. It amuses me that your bed is drab, but the one below is crazy colors and lamps and woah wackyyy.

    Also I have decided all that cloud stuff around the mountain is just salt.

  5. The wacky pile of dirty clothes on it?