Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day Forty Two

Day 42 - A picture of your dream house.

I'm not entirely sure that everything I would want in a dream home is possible but if it was, here is what it would be. I would want to live in a house that was a good size. Not giant, but not tiny either. Maybe 4 or 5 bedrooms. I would want to live near by some kind of body of water. Preferably a lake but a river would be ok. I want to have some land, but not so much that I'm too far away from stuff and I want to be close enough to my neighbors that we know each other. I always thought the idea of being friends with your neighbors and having block parties and stuff was cool, but I want to have room for kids to run around at least a little. I'd like to have a garden. Not some huge green house thing, but just a small little patch of I don't know, maybe four or five rows. I'd also like to live somewhere where the seasons are all distinctive, but not too harsh. I want it to be snowy and cold in the winter, light, green and breezy in the spring, warm and sunny in the summer, and cool and colorful in the fall, but I don't want to freeze to death in the winter or die of heat stroke in the summer. 

Ha, wow. That's a lot of demands. Like I said, I'm pretty sure a place that fits all these doesn't exist but I guess that's why they call it a dream, because it doesn't exist. Or at least not yet. Oh, I just remembered something else. I want to be able to paint the outside of my own house. I don't that weird plastic stuff that I've got on my house now. Oh yeah, and obviously I don't want the cost of living to be too high!   

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